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Welcome to PostMortal


The short answer…

Name: Achille Fioramonti
Location: Transitory
Profession: Artist/ Producer
Aliases: Cast the Sky / PostMortal Design 


The comprehensive answer:

We are a collective of artists that are both socially minded and spiritually sensitive. Founded and guided by Joseph Achille Fioramonti, PMD brings you activist and spiritual art that is also both digital and physical. We strive to bring you art that is informative and inspiring through digital and traditional means.

Founded in 2002, in this particular venue, creates primarily print art with both digital and traditional means including copper plate engraving and screen printing. We are always interested in finding new talent and if you are interested in showcasing your work with us, either as a one time thing or an ongoing relationship,  please contact us with your digital portfolio and a 2 to 3 paragraph statement of purpose.

Thank you for your interest and support in this creative endeavor.